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The public platform of SCI is a technology platform supporting scientific research, which is based on shared and public mechanisms. In addition to the operation and maintenance of large-scale equipment and external services, the public platform takes the exploration and innovation of scientific research methodology and independent innovation and development of key equipment as the higher-level goals of platform construction, striving to act as a vital player in improving the level of scientific research, promoting the cross and integration of disciplines, and strengthening the cultivation of high-level innovative talents. Currently, the public platform has a technical support team led by the deputy director of scientific research and dominated by doctors and masters in biology/of medicine, with 11 full-time technical support personnel.

The public platform is composed of 7 sub-platforms, namely sub-platforms for genomics analysis, proteomics analysis, metabolomics analysis, optical imaging analysis, cell analysis, molecular biology, and nanotechnology research. It has more than 60 sets of large-scale instruments and equipment including qualitative/quantitative AB Sciex 5600/6500 mass spectrometry system, Thermo Ion Proton next-generation sequencing system, Beckman MoFlo XDP/Astrios flow sorting platform, small animal living imaging/living computed tomography system, protein interaction analysis system (Akata protein purification, Biacore protein interaction, automatic Wes Western blotting system), and imaging analysis platform (fluorescence microscopes, and single-photon and two-photon confocal microscopes), as well as large-scale facilities meeting national standards, such as the immunodeficiency laboratory animal center. These instruments and equipment have also been introduced in the Shanghai R&D Public Service Platform at the same time. SCI continuously invests in the construction of the platform, with the total investment in platform equipment reaching 100 million yuan. With the establishment of the public platform of SCI, the level of equipment support and key technological innovation capability will be increased largely.


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