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Living Imaging System for Small Animals




This system mainly adopts two technologies, namely bioluminescence and fluorescence. For bioluminescence, luciferase genes are employed to label cells or DNAs, while fluorescent reporter groups (GFP, RFP, Cyt, dyes, etc.) are adopted for labeling with respect to fluorescence. With a set of very sensitive optical detection equipment, researchers can directly monitor cell activity and gene behaviors in living organisms. Through this system, biological processes such as the growth and metastasis of tumors, development of infectious diseases, and expression of specific genes can be observed in living animals.


Collection and observation of bioluminescence or fluorescence labeling signals to know the changes and migration of fluorescence in animals, completion of the original tracking of gene expression in animals and plants, observation of the growth and metastasis of tumors, elimination of the effects of individual animal differences on the experimental results. It is mostly used for drug screening and efficacy testing, plant mutation detection and screening, oncology research, immunology and stem cell research, gene therapy research, protein interaction, signal transduction research, cancer and anticancer drug research, immunology and stem cell research, pathogenesis and virus research, interaction between gene expressions and proteins, construction of transgenic animal models, drug selection and pre-clinical test, drug formulation and dosage management, etc.

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