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Nuance Multispectral Slice Flow Cytometry System



It adopts the principle of multi-spectral imaging of emitted light, and collects the spectral data curve of each pixel. With “pure spectral computing technology” and spectroscopy, as well as mature algorithms, the interference of background fluorescence is completely deducted, and 9 kinds of fluorescence labels and 10 kinds of bright field labels of the same sample can be detected, separated and quantified. The liquid crystal tunable filter (420-720 nm) system (bright field and fluorescence detection in the visible range) with a scanning bandwidth of 20 or 40 nm enables continuous scanning and can be adjusted conveniently, and the minimum step is 1 nm, equivalent to nearly 200 traditional narrow band pass filters.


Accurate analysis of cell count and molecular expression in tissue sections based on multispectral analysis technology, application field of fluorescence and bright field multicolor labeling, application field of quantum dots fluorescent probes, molecular pathology research, botany research, application field of criminal investigation, customs drug and document inspection, and archaeological research.

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