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Leica TCS SP8 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope System



The Leica TCS SP8 laser scanning confocal microscope has 4 independent solid-state lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 552 nm, and 638 nm lasers), 4 fluorescence scanning detectors and 1 transmitted-light differential interference contrast (DIC) (bright field/differential interference) scanning detector, enabling the real-time superposition of multi-channel fluorescence images, and the real-time superposition of fluorescence images and transmitted-light DIC images. Besides, multi-dimensional images can be obtained through it, such as XYZ three-dimensional scanning images, XYT two-dimensional time scanning images and XYλ spectral wavelength scanning images. The spectral scanning range and step are 400-800 nm and 1 nm, respectively. With the functions of high-speed prism splitting and linear spectral splitting, dyes with a large number of overlapping in spectra can be distinguished.


It is mainly used for the analysis and research of tissue section, living cell fluorescence labeling and three-dimensional image reconstruction, as well as the qualitative, quantitative, timing and location distribution detection of cell biological substances and ions. Multiple fluorescence labeling observations can be performed on the same sample at the same time. Through continuous scanning of living cells or tissue sections, detailed three-dimensional images of the cytoskeleton, chromosomes, organelles and cell membrane system can be obtained. Compared with an ordinary fluorescence microscope, it has higher contrast, resolution and sensitivity.

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