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The Institute held the 2020 democratic life meeting of Party members and leading cadres



On the afternoon of March 16, our institute held the 2020 democratic life meeting of Party members and leading cadres. Min Jianying, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Renji Hospital, Wang Zheng, director of the Organization Department of the Party committee, and Hu Bing, full-time Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, visited for guidance. The meeting was presided over by Dai Huili, Secretary of the general Party branch of the Cancer Institute. Liu Yingbin, director, and Ding Wenbin, deputy secretary and deputy director, attended the democratic life meeting.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia China's socialist spirit and Xi Jinping's spirit of the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee were carefully studied by the leading group before the meeting. The third volume of Xi Jinping's talk on governing the country was studied. The general secretary Xi Jinping was in the National Conference on the commendation of the new crown pneumonia. The spirit of the celebration meeting of the 30th anniversary of Pudong Development and opening up and the important speech in the field of education, health and health, widely solicited opinions, carried out in-depth heart-to-heart talks, carefully investigated and identified problems, wrote control and inspection materials, and made full ideological and work preparations for the democratic life meeting.


At the meeting, Secretary Dai Huili reported the inspection materials on behalf of the team. Subsequently, Party members and leading cadres inspected and reported respectively in strict accordance with the party constitution, party rules, Party discipline and original mission. According to the requirements of putting yourself, responsibilities and work in, take the initiative to find out the main problems in the "Five" aspects, deeply analyze the causes of the problems, and seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism.


In his concluding speech, deputy secretary min Jianying pointed out that the democratic life meeting of leading cadres of the Cancer Institute was well prepared. Before the meeting, the team members carefully listened to and collected the opinions and suggestions of employees. The problems identified last year have been rectified and responded. The problems identified this year have grasped the key points and touched the root causes. At the meeting, the leading cadres made full use of the weapons of criticism and self-criticism, put forward sincere and pertinent opinions, and took precise and pragmatic rectification measures. It was a successful democratic life meeting. Secretary min stressed that at present, the scientific and technological innovation of the cancer institute still faces many challenges, and the task and pressure are relatively heavy. The team has a clear understanding of this, has also made in-depth thinking and put forward corresponding measures. The next key is to implement it. It is hoped that under the leadership of the cancer team, we will carry forward the spirit of nailing nails and rectify the problems. At the same time, we should actively promote the further ideological and cultural integration of the Institute, promote interdisciplinary and collaborative innovation, strive for the integration of the Institute to a higher level, and make new contributions to the health cause of the country and Shanghai.


Finally, Secretary Dai Huili made a statement. She said that through this democratic life meeting, the political position of the team was further strengthened, the confidence and determination to implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the work requirements of the municipal Party committee and the Party committee of Renji Hospital were strengthened, and the purpose of unifying thought, clarifying direction, enhancing unity and gathering strength was achieved. In view of the problems found out by the democratic life meeting, the leading group will continue to conduct in-depth investigation and research, scientifically formulate and implement the rectification plan, strive to promote the scientific research and development of the Cancer Institute to a new level, and make a good start for the construction of the 14th five year plan.


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