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Notice on the opening of the 60th anniversary cultural logo


    In order to standardize the logo of the Institute, the Institute has selected and produced the unit logo, the logo of the 60th anniversary, the theme of the Institute, Chinese and English fonts and their combinations, which are now released and can be used in various activities held by the Cancer Institute. Please standardize the use and do not change it at will.

                            所庆 融合logo-01.png

The logo combines the 60th anniversary with the emblem of the Cancer Institute, and the "6" of the logo is turned into flying wings, implying good wishes to the Shanghai Cancer Institute. May it set sail and write a new chapter with its dream. The overall shape takes a burning flame as the image, showing the selfless dedication of the staff of the Cancer Institute and casting the image of health and love. The whole inverted shape is a shape of love, which is not only a symbol of unity and friendship, but also the great love of Cancer Institute for scientific research.


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